How to remove smoke smell from car

The unpleasant smell of tobacco in the car is quite a serious problem, especially for those who do not smoke. This is often confronted, for example, by non-smokers who are trained in driving with an instructor who sometimes likes to smoke a cigarette. According to car sales experts, a “smoking” salon lowers the price of a vehicle by several thousand rubles. If you encounter such a problem, you can try to solve it in the following ways.

In which cabin to get the smell of smoke most difficult? Alas, not all cars have a leather interior, which is less susceptible to the absorption of cigarette smoke. Most motorists own cars with fabric interior, which are more susceptible to the effects of cigarette burning products. The fact of the matter is that fabric trim materials have more porous upholstery fibers in which combustion products easily settle.

Recall that in any car fabric seats are more prone to the absorption of the smell of smoke than leather.

Remove smoke smell from car interior

But inside the car, cigarette burning products absorb not only the seats. You should know that smoke eats into sun visors, seat belts, flooring, etc. Combustion products can also settle on any surfaces. Including on the glasses. The worst thing is that when you smoke, nicotine, tar and other harmful substances first settle on all surfaces of the cabin, and then due to air circulation in the car, they begin to spread throughout the cabin, dispersing toxic chemicals even into the most hard-to-reach places.

Why the smell of tobacco can’t just erode

I must say that tobacco has a rather persistent odor, because the leaves of this plant are composed of chemicals and oily resins that are able to penetrate deeply into the surrounding objects.

All sorts of air fresheners and air conditioning, alas, will not help. On the contrary, they can create an even more disgusting scent. Surely, many faced with similar cases in the cars of auto-instructors, where tobacco and air freshener gave an unpleasant and even nauseating smell. A great option – dry cleaning salon, but it is too expensive, and not the fact that the smell of cigarette completely leaves. But do not despair, the smell of tobacco in the cabin can be derived by simple folk methods.

  • Coarse coffee beans can also help in solving the problem of eliminating cigarette smoke and other unpleasant odors from the car. Coffee can be decomposed in open containers, and in small canvas bags, hanging them in different ends of the car. After such uncomplicated procedures, an unpleasant smell in a few days will disappear from the salon, like a bad memory.Remove smoke smell from car
  • Shoe upholstery and carpets. To do this, you need special tools to clean the plastic elements, since it is plastic that is able to absorb toxic smoke. Next, wipe the fabric upholstery, carefully vacuum mats, wash the ashtray. Upon completion, open all the windows and wait for the final drying. If desired, the cleaning process can be entrusted to car wash specialists.
  • Table vinegar. Vinegar is poured into an ordinary enameled container and put into the car overnight. It should be borne in mind that the event is held with tightly closed windows. In the morning, the tank is cleaned and aired in the cabin. The vinegar smell disappears quickly, and with it the smell of smoke from cigarettes goes away. Activated carbon has a similar effect. It will take more than one package to crush the tablets and pour the mixture into a woven bag. In this case, the procedure is carried out several times according to the same scheme, until the complete disappearance of the smell.
  • Vanilla extract. Pleasant aroma can interrupt the smell of cigarette smoke, it is enough just to moisten a simple napkin in vanilla essence and leave it overnight in the car. Before that it is necessary to close all the windows of the vehicle. The procedure is repeated for several days. In addition to the destruction of tobacco smoke, there will be a delicate smell of vanilla, which will remind of itself for a long time.
  • Remove smoke smell from carBaking soda. If the upholstery in the cabin smell of tobacco smell, you can use soda. At the same time, the seats are sprinkled with baking soda, and in the morning they are vacuumed. This will not only eliminate extraneous odors, but also clean the chairs from dust and dirt.
  • Filler for cat tray. This method is mainly for car enthusiasts who have pets. In any dish or container pour the filler and leave for a long time. Absorbent properties of the cat filler will perfectly cope with the task.

If the above methods did not help to remove the smell from cigarettes, then you need to contact the car service center, where they will carry out a complete cleaning of the car air conditioner. Subsequently, after dry cleaning, it is desirable to use special flavors.

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